Brother Duato and Brother dB at Zippah Recording in Allston, MA

Funky Young Monks is a collaborative bi-coastal studio project infusing classic rock/blues roots with modern pop sensibilites...and, of course, a healthy dose of da funk.  Founding members David (Brother dB) Bryce and Eddie (Brother Duato) Scheer are joined by a rotating collective of seasoned session musicians with the goals of extreme indulgence and having as much fun as possible with the creative process.

Brother dB • David Bryce


David Bryce is a composer/producer living in the Thousand Oaks area of California. Specializing in keyboards and synthesizers, Bryce is also comfortable with guitar, bass and drums. He can (sort of) play some horns, and enjoys singing...but wishes he was better at both.

He has played with and/or done programming for such diverse artists as Keith Emerson, Miles Davis, Lindsay Pagano, Suzanne Ciani and Joe Satriani. He currently plays keyboards for LA area classic rock party band Marilyn's Last Supper, is a member of the rock and roll roots band BigTown, and is a co-founder of the Funky Young Monks recording project.

dB operates his own state of the art professional recording studio where he does music, voice overs and audio production for a variety of friends and clients, and spends more than a bit of time consulting with a very cool assortment of high end professional audio and electronic musical instrument manufacturers.

He also makes an excellent lasagna.

Brother Duato • Eddie Scheer

Eddie Scheer

He's been voted "Outstanding Male Vocalist" and "Most Charismatic Entertainer" multiple times in the New England Blues Audience readers poll, and recently received the prestigious "Keeping The Blues Alive" award from the Boston Blues society.  Eddie Scheer has been playing music his whole life.  By about age 14 he was singing and playing drums professionally, and in his 20's became one of the busiest drummers in Boston, freelancing with all kinds of rock, funk and blues bands, co-founding Funky Young Monks and eventually playing with such r&b greats as Peter Wolf, John Mayall, and Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson.  In the early 90's he was fortunate enough to tour with legendary New Orleans singer Johnny Adams, and got his first exposure to the Crescent City.  This experience would prove to be a huge influence on Eddie's musical future.  By 1994 he was writing lots of Jump Blues and New Orleans R&B styled songs, and encouraged by the fertile Boston blues scene, he formed The Love Dogs.

Visiting Monks

Matt Bissonette (bass)

John Cross (vocals)

Stan Cotey (guitar)
Nick D'Virgilio (drums)
John Ferraro (drums)

Jeff Hofferman (vocals)

David Kempers (electric violin)

Stu Kimball (guitar)
Susan Lowery (backing vocals)

Jeff Lorber (electric piano)
Mark McCrite (guitar, backing vocals)

Carlo Mezzanotte (synthesizer)

Steve Nathan (keyboards, "horns")

Tim Pierce (guitars)
Michele Rubin (backing vocals)
William Russ, Jr. (vocals)

Don Schiff (bass, N/S stick)

Hubie Wang (guitar)

Engineering help (tracking/mixing) from Ducky Carlisle, Justin Peacock, Brian Charles, Gordon Rustvold and Dirk Ulrich.

Mastering love courtesy of Stephen Marsh, Richard Dodd, Chilitos Valenzuela and Dirk Ulrich

We are deeply grateful to all of the incredibly talented people that helped bring these tunes to life!