(Music by dB)

One of brother dB's "instrumonktal" compositions.  Old school really cool synthesizer sounds for days...

We even recorded this one to tape for that authentic 70s sound.

  • dB - synths, drum programming

Rockin' Wid De Woogman


Short power rock tune.  

Lotta keys - multiple synth solos - and a bridge that almost certainly wouldn't exist without the not-so-subtle influence of Radar Love.

  • John Cross - vocals
  • dB - keys. loops
  • Hubie Wang - guitars
  • Don Schiff - bass
  • John Ferraro - drums
  • Michele Rubin - backing vocals

Your Blue Eyes


A gorgeous old school soul ballad with a heavy "Muscle Shoals" vibe.  Stellar vocals, ridiculously talented guest musicians...and a spectacular arrangement by Nashville legend Steve "The Prez" Nathan!!!!

  • William Russ, Jr - vocals
  • Steve Nathan - keys
  • Tim Pierce - guitars
  • Matt Bissonette - bass
  • John Ferraro - drums
  • Sue Lowery - backing vox

Don't Say Nothin'

(Music by dB)

Digital decoupage!  Serious audio manipulation with delicious intent to distribute copious amounts of extreme groove.

  • All dB

The Poison Of Desire


This started as a grumbly little bass synth lick written one morning  back in 1985. Brother dB fell in love with the groove and wrote this song, adding the lyrics while driving in a truck to work a gig for Miles Davis in Minneapolis. 

We recorded it in the late 80's, but this version is better.

  • dB - keys, vocals
  • Tim Pierce - guitars
  • Don Schiff - bass
  • John Ferraro - drums

Balthazar's Dream

(Music by dB)

An instrumental electro-prog extravaganza  with maybe  just a hint of Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia.  It even has a Monk chant!

...and yes - that opening "vocal" solo is a synth. Roland  Jupiter-8, if you must know...

  • dB - keys
  • Zak Claxton - guitars
  • Don Schiff - N/S stick
  • Nick D'Virgilio - drums

The Groove (Chiquita!)


A really catchy track from brother Duato, with an infectious shuffle beat guaranteed to take up residence in your skull.  Kind of a Steely Dan meets Dirty Loops sort of vibe.  

Definitely worth a listen!

  • Ed  - vocals and drums
  • dB - keys, loops, percussion
  • Don Schiff - N/S Stick
  • Stan Cotey - guitars

Night Is Right

(Music by dB)

Bob Dylan guitarist Stu Kimball and drummer extraordinaire Nick D'Virgilio join dB on keys and bass for this nasty little prog-flavored instrumental.

  • dB - keys
  • Stu Kimball - guitars
  • Nick D'Virgilio - drums

Wrap It Up


Built around an 808 groove lifted off an old cassette tape of the original version, this electro-funk tune was the "big finish" to the first FYM demo from 1984.  

It has been significantly upgraded with much better sounds, deeper production and some unreal players. 

  • dB - keys, vocal fx
  • Ed - drums, vocals 
  • Hubie Wang - guitars
  • Don Schiff - bass
  • David Kempers - violin
  • Jeff Lorber - EP solo
  • Carlo Mezzanotte - synth solo

Wannabe Evil Genius

(Music by dB)

Brother dB throws lightning bolts around the studio in an attempt to see how many synths can be used on one tune.  

Prog fans - this one's for YOU!

  • All dB

The Light Dies Down On Broadway


Because what self respecting monk doesn't know their Genesis?

  • Ed - vocals, drums
  • dB - keys, bass
  • Mark McCrite - guitars, backing vox

Smoker's Blues (feat. Cheshire Trout)


Even monks get the blues...

An oldie but a goodie - a nasty little love song for the tobacco industry.

  • Jeff Hofferman - vox
  • dB - keys
  • Ed - drums
  • Pandora Spocks - guitar, harp

Allegro con Chutzpah

(Music by dB)

Take a the tune.  You know you like the name...

  • All dB

Man On A Chain (1984)


Originally on the second FYM project, this track was recorded waaaaaaaay back in 1984 after hours at Daddy's Junky Music Store in Boston.   

Good times....

Me & The Mrs. (1986)


Just another "boy meets girl and lives happily ever after" story...

...or is it????

Come Together (1987)


The Lennon/McCartney classic, with a much funkier groove a la mid-80s Cameo.  

Recorded for the "Boston Does The Beatles" compilation double LP.

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (1987)


Yes, we did.  Late at night, and well into the morning.  

Too much fun...